Supervision is the process of monitoring and mutual thinking about the work of a therapist-client couple, which a therapist, now the supervisand, brings into supervision. The supervisor is therefore the “third party”, an external observer of the therapist’s  (supervisand’s) clinical work and also, with his supervisory role to the therapist, a “third party” in the therapeutic process. Supervision is intended for a better recognition and easier content processing in a psychotherapist’s work and their experience in working with clients. It helps the therapist to better understand and recognize her/his own reactions, countertransference feelings and to think and dream about  them while working with clients and therefore enables the therapist, through cooperation and relationship with the supervisor, to perform their psychotherapeutic work more safely, with more quality, a wider understanding and insight. Meetings and agreements of supervision are performed and based on the needs and type of a therapist’s work (psychotherapeutic modality).

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