Supervision is the process of monitoring and mutual thinking about the work of a therapist-client couple, which a therapist, now the supervisand, brings into supervision. The supervisor is therefore the “third party”, an external observer of the therapist’s  (supervisand’s) clinical work and also, with his supervisory role to the therapist, a “third party” in the


The field of psychodynamic psychotherapies, which refers exclusively to psychoanalysis, also includes “psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy”.  The term psychotherapy is used solely for practical reasons. There is a complete palette of types of psychotherapy which extend all the way from only smaller changes made to classic analytic psychotherapy, through shorter, “focal” psychotherapy, to psychoanalytic psychotherapy of


Psychoanalysis is: The process of researching the unconscious mental processes, which are almost unreachable in any other way A method of healing neurotic and non-neurotic disorders (which is based on research of the the unconscious processes) Collecting psychological data, which is slowly included in the scientific discipline of psychoanalysis, through this method (EPF definition, Torino,

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